Transmission Service and Replacement

Transmission Repair & Replacement In MI

The transmission in your car or truck is one of the most expensive parts of your automobile to fix. Tri City Auto Repair, serving Spring Lake, Grand Haven, and the entire West Michigan Lakeshore is a leader in transmission repair and transmission replacement.

It is important to learn maintenance tips for your transmission so you will be able to spot any minor problem with your car or truck transmission before you experience costly repairs or total breakdown. Did you know what damages your truck or cartransmission? Overheating. High-temperature transmission fluid will lose its original characteristics and oxidize, leaving deposits inside the transmission. At high temperatures, the gaskets and seals inside the transmission will harden faster making a leak more likely

How to maintain the transmission:

  • Check the transmission fluid level regularly.
  • Schedule Tri City Auto Repair to change the transmission fluid as recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer.
  • Use transmission fluid specified in the owner's manual.
  • Driving your car at high RPM or changing gear while the vehicle is in motion can cause damage to your transmission.

Tri City Auto Repair will inspect your transmission fluid levels, color, and odor during a scheduled maintenance or oil change. Let us help you avoid costly repairs. Whether you’re in Spring Lake, Grand Haven or any other city on the lakeshore, we can fix your transmission problem. Contact us today for a free transmission inspection or just call us at (616) 842-7240 if you have any questions!

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