AC Service

Tri City Auto Repair offers complete A/C system service for all make and models equipped with R-12, R134a, and the newest vehicles that are equipped with R1234yf. system charging, testing and component replacement.

Vehicles from the Mid 90’s-2012 used the industry standard R-134A Freon for the AC System. Many vehicles older than the Mid 90's used R-12 (R-12 was not environmentally safe so it was replaced with R-134A) and were retrofitted to R-134A. As of 2013, manufacturers started using new Freon R-1234YF and are currently using this today.  Most modern, 2018 - 2019, vehicles with a/c systems will have this new Freon system installed, although it has proven to be a very expensive system to repair. Tri City Auto Repair is one of the first local, independent repair facilities to purchase the needed machine and supporting equipment to repair R-1234YF systems so that we can offer our customers the most affordable options.

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