Spark Plugs and Starters

In a gasoline engine, the importance of good spark plugs cannot be denied. The electrical arc between the electrode and the ground strap is like a miniature bolt of lightning that ignites the air-fuel mixture and in turn, generates the power that drives the wheels. If the spark plug doesn't fire, the engine doesn't start. With today’s vehicles, changing the spark plugs can be a challenge with computers or vacuum lines in your way. Stop by Tri City Autos convenient Ferrysburg area location in Spring Lake and let one of our certified mechanics care for your vehicle.

Your starter is an electrical motor that rotates your engine to get it turning for running. When you have a starter problem, you may turn the key to start and nothing happens. You may hear a grinding sound while cranking, or you may hear a clicking sound while trying to crank. Our mechanics can replace your starter with a new or rebuilt unit. If you have starter problems, call our ASE certified technicians today to have your starter system diagnosed and repaired.

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