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Customers are surprised to find themselves being told that they need new brakes before the manufacturer's warranty has even expired. Brakes are designed with a metal plate that will squeal against the rotor when your brakes pads become too thin.

If you hear squealing, contact Tri City Auto Repair of Spring Lake to schedule a repair. Often times the only pads that need replacing are on the front brakes as the front brakes do most of the work since a vehicle's weight shifts forward during braking putting the heaviest load on the front brakes.

Many cars still use a front disc, rear drum brake design. Most sports cars and premium sedans use disc brakes at all four wheels. Disc brakes use a circular rotor that rotates with the wheel. Drum brakes use pads, or shoes, that are mounted inside a round drum. When worn-out disc brake pads are replaced, the rotors are usually machined or turned to remove warping and make your car or truck come to a smoother stop. A warped rotor will make your vehicle pulsate during braking. However, rotors can only be turned so many times before they become too thin for safety. At that point, they must be replaced.

Obviously, certain driving conditions can accelerate brake wear. Stop and go traffic creates the most wear, along with aggressive driving and unnecessarily riding the brake pedal during driving. It follows, then, that the best way to maximize the life of brake pads is to avoid aggressive driving and avoid stop and go situations when possible.

Brakes are one of the most important aspects of vehicle performance and safety. Let Tri City Auto Repair monitor your brakes' condition during a regularly scheduled maintenance or oil change appointment. Whether you’re in Spring Lake, Grand Haven, Ferrysburg or any other city on the lakeshore, we can fix your brake problem. Contact us today for a free brake inspection or just call us at (616) 842-7240 if you have any questions!

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