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Lakeshore Hybrid is the first and only Qualified Independent Hybrid Repair Facility in Spring Lake.

Great news Tesla owners!

Until recently the aftermarket did not have access to Tesla’s service information or parts availability.  Tesla is now making service information available to repair facilities outside of its network of dealers. Napa and some other suppliers have begun stocking parts in their nationwide network, this is GREAT news for you. You will no longer need to travel or tow it a great distance for service. Lakeshore hybrid can service your brakes, tires, suspension parts, and more. You can enjoy having it serviced locally by Lakeshore hybrid the area's first hybrid and electric vehicle specialists.  

Our mission:

Lakeshore Hybrid came into being from the need to improve our relationship with the environment. We know that a well-maintained hybrid vehicle will reduce environmental impact, so we buy them and drive them to do our part. Lakeshore Hybrid’s mission is to help ensure we are all successful in our efforts to reduce environmental impact. Lakeshore Hybrid has trained and certified technicians that will keep your hybrid safe and effective.

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Signs your hybrid needs service:
  • Sub-optimal fuel economy.
  • Low high voltage battery range.
  • Abnormal engine performance.
  • Service engine soon warning light is on.
  • Noise when the engine starts or when running.
  • Whining or humming noise when driving.
The need for proper maintenance:

Hybrid vehicles are small lightweight vehicles, made up of small lightweight drive components with small lubricating capacities. When they get hot and break down the lubricant, metal shavings build up in the fluids and can cause interference problems with the electrical operations of hybrid drive components. Poor engine performance will cause higher fuel consumption, which will diminish the environmental savings that probably motivated you to purchase a hybrid vehicle. Good stewardship includes maintenance to ensure that our hybrid vehicles continue to effectively reduce environmental impact and last as long as possible.

Services We Offer :
  • 2 - Level 2 Charging Stations (FREE Charging until June 30th, 2020)
  • High voltage battery repairs and maintenance
  • Driveline fluid replacement
  • Hybrid systems diagnostics and repair
  • Braking system repairs and maintenance
  • Low rolling resistance tire service and maintenance
  • Hybrid heating and air conditioning service
  • Electrical repairs
  • Steering and suspension repairs and maintenance


Keeping Count:

The Charity Fund counter you see at the top of the page is for keeping count of monies donated to charities that work to improve our environment. A percentage of Lakeshore Hybrid's profits are donated to those charities that work to improve and maintain the environment for the next generation.

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