Computer Diagnostic

Diagnostics has become a confusing subject for most customers. This is largely due to the misconception that it's as easy as reading the code and installing a part. Vehicles are sophisticated but not to that point. The code is only a general statement of the kind of problem that has been recorded. Trained technicians that can read scan data, perform flow chart test and read wire schematics are needed. The automobile parts store that reads the code and sells you parts is gambling on selling you a part which you may or may not need as a way to sell more parts. That would seem like a dishonest way of doing business, but many will defend this method by saying that they only made a 'suggestion' following a free vehicle diagnostic. Tri City Auto Repair has A.S.E certified technicians trained to perform diagnostic scans of your vehicles onboard computer, identify any potential issues, and resolve those issues in a timely manner.

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