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Tri City Auto Repair is a leading West Michigan Lakeshore auto repair facility that takes care of our customers. Our reputation and experience speaks for itself.

We offer all auto repair services for foreign and domestic cars and trucks. Our Spring Lake auto repair shop services the greater Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Nunica, Ferrysburg, Muskegon and surrounding Lakeshore areas.

We now offer custom exhaust and pipe bending on hot rods, trucks and everyday vehicles!

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Car Batteries

Don’t be stranded by a dead battery! Come to our convenient Spring Lake MI location and let Tri City Auto Repair inspect your automobiles batteries. We will make certain your battery is properly recharging and providing enough cranking amps to start your engine, especially in colder weather. Electrical drains and Corrosion at the battery terminals can prevent a car from starting by adding electrical resistance. The white powder sometimes found around the battery terminals is usually lead sulfate which is toxic by inhalation, ingestion and skin contact. If your battery requires replacement, let our mechanics replace and recycle your old battery and help keep toxic materials out of our local land fill.

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Brake Repair

Over time the brakes actually cook the brake fluid. This ruins the hydraulic properties of the fluid and causes major brake components to fail quicker. Replacement of brake components can be a costly repair, especially on certain makes of vehicles. Keeping the brake fluid flushed can reduce the cost of repairs over time and most importantly making certain your car or truck stops safely protecting you, your passengers and other drivers on the road.

Tri City Auto Repair garage services any type of brake system from current ABS brake components to disc or drum brakes found on older vehicles. Read more about our brake repair service here.

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Bulbs, Belts & Hoses

At Tri City Auto Repair, all bulbs, belts and hoses are available either in stock or by special order. Properly functioning bulbs are essential to your safety so other drivers know where you are or if you have stopped. Belts and hoses are inspected for cracks, separations or stretch marks. Leaking engine coolant and squealing or squeaking belts are an indication it is time for service. No one wants to be stuck by the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. When in doubt, bring your car in to our Grand Haven area location in Spring Lake for an inspection.

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Automobile Computer Reflashing

Today’s cars and trucks are filled with computers and when the software is out of date or your computer is not operating correctly your vehicles system needs updating, also known as computer reflashing. The auto maker can create a better program to improve your car or trucks performance, emissions, or drivability. Let our professional mechanics optimize the performance of your vehicle.

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Today’s cars all have several computers that control different systems of your vehicle. The usual systems on most cars or trucks include: engine, transmission, airbag, ABS, and body. The systems typically store a fault code if there is a problem and your car will alert you with a warning light on your dash. At , Tri City Auto Repair we have high tech equipment to run diagnostics on all types of computer systems. We can read the fault codes and determine the cause of the problem saving you time and frustration or the expense of future roadside service.

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Electrical Work

Tri City Auto Repair services all types of electrical work from shorts to drains. You can usually tell you have a problem when an electrical part in your car or truck stops working, your fuses blow, the battery dies over night or your vehicles electrical system seems to be doing strange things. Bad repair service or jumping and rigging wires can make the situation worse and potentially burn up the wiring harness or ruin a computer. Today’s cars and trucks were not built for rigging wires. If you experience any electrical problems, bring your vehicle by Tri City Auto Repair and let one of our certified mechanics check it out.

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Mufflers & Exhaust

Tri City Auto Repair uses high-quality mufflers, pipes, and other exhaust components, including catalytic converters that meet stringent EPA and CARB requirements for pollution reduction. Read more about muffler and exhaust repair here.

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Oil Change

A regularly scheduled oil change minimizes vehicle repairs and keeps you on the road. When Tri City Auto Repair does an oil change we inspect the rest of your car or truck at the same time. We will let you know if any other repairs or services are needed because we want our customers to have safe and reliable vehicles.

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Roadforce Balancing

Not all shops are equipped to provide road force balancing. Tri City Auto Repair indexes your tires with your wheels. Tires and wheels are never perfectly round. We index by mounting the high point of the tire opposite the high point of the wheel to make the combination as round as possible before proceeding with normal spin balancing. This process helps eliminate vibration from your car or truck tires, especially at faster highway speeds, giving you a smoother more comfortable ride.

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Scheduled Maintenance

Your foreign or domestic car is likely the second largest investment you make! Protect that investment with regularly scheduled maintenance from Tri City Auto Repair. So, for your safety and your passenger safety and to prevent higher repair costs, keep your vehicle maintained with regularly scheduled check-ups at our convenient West Michigan Lakeshore location in Spring Lake.

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Security Re-learns

Security re-learns procedure allows your car or trucks power-train control to function properly in your vehicle after a battery disconnect or a security breach. On some vehicles it will be necessary to perform this security relearn procedure before the car can be started. Let our experienced mechanics perform this procedure to avoid causing any damage or unnecessary to your vehicle.

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Spark Plugs

In a gasoline engine the importance of good spark plugs cannot be denied. The electrical arc between the electrode and the ground strap is like a miniature bolt of lightning that ignites the air fuel mixture and in turn generates the power that drives the wheels. If the spark plug doesn't fire, the engine doesn't start. With today’s vehicles, changing the spark plugs can be a challenge with computers or vacuum lines in your way. Stop by Tri City Autos convenient Ferrysburg area location in Spring Lake and let one of our certified mechanics care for your vehicle.

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You starter is an electrical motor that rotates your engine to get it turning for running. When you have a starter problem, you may turn the key to start and nothing happens. You may hear a grinding sound while cranking, or you may hear a clicking sound while trying to crank. Our mechanics can replace your starter with new or rebuilt unit. If you have starter problems, call our ASE certified technicians today to have your starter system diagnosed and repaired.

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Jasper Engines & Transmissions

Engine or transmission failure; consider a quality remanufactured Jasper Engine & Transmission. Let our Spring Lake transmission specialists install a completely remanufactured Jasper gas engine into your vehicle. Jasper engines are built to strict specifications and come with a 3 year, 100,000 mile warranty.

Transmission problems can be a nuisance and costly. Jasper remanufactured automatic and standard transmissions are of the highest quality to give you reassurance your vehicles transmission will not leave you stranded. Jasper transmissions come with a 3 year, 100,000 mile warranty.

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Lifetime Warranty Wiper Blades

Make sure you can see the road, let Tri City Auto Repair replace your old worn out wiper blades. We offer leading replacement brands in lifetime warranty wiper blades. From passenger cars to commercial vehicles, Tri City Auto Repair has wiper blades offering the best and safest visibility.

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Tire Rotation

With the cost of everything increasing, your tires are not immune to price jumps. Tire rotation, and tire service, on a regular basis can result in significantly longer tread life and savings over the long haul. By rotating your tires on a regular basis you are not only making your car safer to drive but also prolonging the life of your tires. You should do this about every 6,000 miles unless you have a four-wheel drive vehicle, in that case you should do it about every 4,000 miles. Let us rotate your tires during a scheduled maintenance or oil change appointment.

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Tires New & Used

At Tri City Auto Repair, all tires new and used are available either in stock or by special order. Tires can be a major maintenance expense for your vehicle but necessary for your safety. Serious damage can occur from a blown tire while driving not to mention the inconvenience of changing a tire on the side of the road or during uncomfortable weather we sometimes experience here along the West Michigan Lakeshore. Tri City Auto Repair offers competitive pricing on all new and used tires. Read more about tire repair and service here.

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Are you driving an older car or truck? Stop by our Spring Lake shop and let us replace your vehicles spark plugs, ignition wires, PCV valves, distributor caps, ignition rotors, and more. Newer cars and trucks still require tune-ups and replacement of spark plugs, fuel filters, and air filters too so contact our office to schedule your appointment today.

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Transmission Repair & Replacement

Spring Lake, Grand Haven and the Lakeshore's transmission replacement and transmission repair specialists have been dedicated to keeping your truck and cars safe on the road. Our experienced transmission department will keep your vehicle running in top condition. We use the latest automotive diagnostic technology to provide you with high quality service and a quick turnaround! Read more about transmission repair and replacement here

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Computerized Alignment

Wheel alignment is important because it can make your tires wear prematurely if they are not aligned properly. A proper alignment means less wear and tear on steering and the suspension components. When a vehicle is out of alignment, it can cause the vehicle to pull in different directions. Tri City Auto Repair has the latest in digital imaging technology.

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